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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it is a major hurricane. i want to show you one of the late pictures. it is a moderate to large hurricane. is the coast of florida. in florida are pretty much clear. look at the circulation and the eye. 120 mile per hour winds. this is the track of the hurricane hunters. brave pilots that circled the eye. thecan see some of measurements that they have been making. critical of those things and you can see how it moving. is the very latest track. moving for the bahamas as a major hurricane. it could become a category four. the track is more and more out to bar east. is a diminishing making a majore impact in washington. the eye itself, a 50-50 chance it will be more than 50 of ocean city.
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would be good news here. unfortunately, it is falling similar to hurricane bob. hit new england with a lot of damage. people from the outer banks to maryland's eastern shore are for hurricane we will have a closer look at is being done. to right now, let's get back that earthquake. it rattle the nerves of people the metropolitan area. at least fourd aftershocks. cracks the damage was in buildings. >> the most recognizable damage isto suffer washington monument. john gonzales is live from the national mall. that is right. the park service has identified a four-foot long crack along the
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the top of the washington monument. it remains closed tonight. yesterday, it was a panic-filled trek down 900 steps. >> this family it describes the earthquake aftermath. >> are we going to get out? i kept waiting for stock to crumbling -- stuff to crumble. >> i cannot believe that i experienced something like this. it is like you are sitting your life go before your eyes. >> extra fencing is now set up to keep people away. this historic monument is not only local structure that yesterday.mage engineers are still in shock at of the 104-year-old national cathedral. >> arlington resident has strong
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ties here. she felt compelled to contact it out. that hass a place meant a lot to us. we got married here. >> several miles away, in prince george's county, 500 people have been displaced. >> the building is condemned. we cannot go in. pets in their. food. epicenter, nearly a buildings have been condemned. there is a massive effort to up and rebuild. >> it was very scary. running out ofe my building. >> back here, like the monument, the cathedral is also closed and remain close to the public for a saturday. estimated in the millions. >> the alert is now over, the power station. nuclear reactor shut down
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automatically after the earthquake. inspectors determined everything is ok. for the few hours following werearthquake, there problems with cell phone service. why.s to know concerned that cell calls to 911 could not go through. are in contact with carriers to figure out what happened. several apartments have been condemned because of the earthquake. residents have been forced to move out. >> those people have been working on this all day long. all of these apartments were night.ed last there were precautions being as inspections were being county firefairfax office.s today, we know, at least four apartments have been condemned.
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>> that is worse than i thought. resident of red fire department tape include the boeing -- bowing walls here. bricks are popped out. >> there is the bad trump. >> this family is suddenly faced with having to move. >> the whole building started to .way all of my stuff was damaged. >> in almost every room, there example of the earthquake. her home was not condemned by county officials, but she does take the rest staying here. there might be an aftermath. move arewho need to
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grateful they have the chance. when there have been examples of the wrath of earthquakes. in japan. >> you see it on television. you feel bad. >> no one was hurt in all this damage. understand from building that there is not a in the load bearing walls here. they hope they have limited the people will have to move out of their apartments. for more pictures of the allhquake damage from around the metropolitan washington area, go to our website, we also have a list of schools still close. to our facebook page to tell us where you were when the earthquake hit. the release of of journalists held hostage in a libyan hotel?
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>> we are also attracting .urricane irene can we expect a visit here? [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream
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that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] join us at the walter e. washingtonn convention center on august 26th for a live roundtable discussion inspired by the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.
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with the rebels in firm control of tripoli, the hunt for gaddafi continues.
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the national transitional offering amnesty to anybody who captures our kills the libyan leader. dozens of journalists held in a hotel, they were let go the red cross negotiated their release. nightmare for all of us. journalist who have been -- the that we have gotten out of the hotel. emotions are running very high. >> the rebels are still facing fromts of resistance loyalists. still going on in tripoli near the airport. -- and a0 panel voted voted for a captain to be remain in the navy. the videos were meant to boost morale on board the carrier he commanded. recommended that
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dishonorably discharged. two cyclist are close to finishing a journey in honor of in service members. they started their journey in june. area to pay in our tribute. these two naval academy iraqates were killed in afghanistan. families greeted the tolists when they got arlington national cemetery. extraordinary soldiers. we are honored to be able to thank you in person and have of their families. >> they had to ground zero in york. are raising money for families. far, they have collected $80,000. coming up, a deadly storm of the eastst coast. irene.est on hurricane
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>> bob ryan is back with the latest on the hurricane. >> the redskins celebrate their 50th welcome home luncheon. marilyn's new basketball coach himself one of the biggestnames and players in the country. i have the very latest. woman: day care can be expensive.
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hurricane irene is moving bahamas as a category 3 hurricane. looks likewhat irene from the international space station. the hurricane is threatened to unleash turf. from the carolinas to new england. it is just too soon to know. is leading ane parts ofg message in the caribbean. the category 3 storm is headed for the bahamas.
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next stop remains unclear. want everyone from the new england to plan for the worst. >> we want folks there to take seriously. and to get prepared. and they are. this store in north carolina is business. >> last time, we had an outage. we had no radio. >> we are recommending to folks in the mid-atlantic all the way states --new england banks might be the first two-seat impact. -- might be the first two-seat impact. >> they are warning that anyone lives in the potential path
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advice of officials. through a loten of days. important.s with the ability that we have, see the trend. from the outer banks more into england, i think. for us.uch i want to show you first of all, what is going this is our ford board. 80's, nearinto the degrees pretty much are the day.or are at 85 degrees. the mid part of the country, is the summer may never end. the humidity is creeping up, too. east ishow much of the he meant.
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-- is humid. this shows the entire world view. there is that a waterfront that weather on the nasty sunday. you can see the eye. to the last 24 hours. there is the circulation, the category three era came. by tomorrow, it could approach 150 miles per hour. is a category 3 hurricane moving for the bahamas. tracks the very latest keeps it in very warm waters. is that the envelope of uncertainty. as you can see, with time, that moved to the east. unfortunately, it is still sunday of being a significant up towards new england. look at annapolis, it has been a day out there.
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here is what is going on for us. is the next waterfront. the humid air comment as it through, that will be some afternoon thunderstorms. these have nothing to do with irene. there is the line of by tomorrows afternoon. in the meantime, when you get up and head out, it will be on the muggy side. there is that risk of afternoon thunderstorms, about 70% chance. temperatures will be approaching 90 degrees. break on friday. we see the impact, it would saturday and early sunday. about a 70% chance that we will be seeing some rain. folks out near the blue ridge might see any red dog. next week, a vacation plans, caring amount. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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moving you forward. ask the question. is this the year for the redskins? be any rainl not tomorrow night. this is a great time of the year for redskins fans. optimistic and all .ired up annual welcome home luncheon to celebrate. i used to them see that event. afternoon, britt was there the 2011 redskins. >> the redskins walked into a fans today forg the 50th annual welcome home wanted. because fansood excited. ofthere were glimpses tradition everywhere you looked.
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>> it helps you understand the the tradition.d shanahan made it very clear the redskins are writing a new history. >> ended in less than winning super bowl is unacceptable. -- anything less than winning is unacceptable. if you do not believe, it will not be done. >> once everyone settles in, fans finally got the chance to theird spend time with favorite player. >> i like making everybody. faces madeng a few people equally as happy. >> i am glad that he is gone. have fun in new england. >> in northwest, but mchenry. >> the nationals are home again tonight against the diamondbacks. been a really good series. to win theirng third series in a row. let me take you back downtown.
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he takes this fastball. the diamondbacks when it -- win 2-0. michael morris is getting a lot of national boz. -- buzz. he is batting .317. he got hit again last night. numbers for the 29-year- old first baseman. university of miami will announcement by the end of the week. open against miami. he is being compared to a young
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shaq. since he is from texas, and they him shaq-tus. redskins and ravens tomorrow night. great measure and teamsto see how far these have come. >> the ravens are pretty good. >> he is a big guy, too.
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this week's give away it is for music fans. >> we are giving away tickets to abbey road on the river. to sign up, go to /facebook. we will announce the winner on friday. what about a winning forecast? >> i think we will have at least non-losing forecast. and died showing the of these things. you can -- adam caskey and i the trend of these things. has been shifting steadily toward the east, and why. steadily toward the east, and [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream
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t that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] join us at the walter e. washington convention center on august 26thth for a live roundtable discuion inspired by the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.


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